charlie kaufman wired

For the last few weeks Wired magazine editor and writer Jason Tanz has been previewing the magazine’s upcoming Charlie Kaufman profile on their Storyboard blog.  Basically, in true meta-Kaufman style, Tanz has made the entire writing process (or most of it, at least) transparent to the reader, showing us what goes into an article like this from initial conception, editorial emails, contacts with Kaufman’s publicist, the full audio interview with Kaufman himself, and all the rest.  Tanz got a hold of me via email a few weeks ago and interviewed me as well… though it doesn’t look like I made the final cut.  Perhaps there will be more about Kaufman and his directorial debut in the actual hardcopy issue of Wired when it hits the stands in a few weeks.  Or not.

Meanwhile, here’s the official trailer to Kaufman’s new film Synecdoche, New York which opens in the US on October 24:


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