a long… weary… howl….

I’ve been quiet for the last month or so… not because I’ve been hiding, not because I’ve been diligently working on something before doomsday (deadline).  I’ve been unusually quiet because my laptop (which is only 10 months old) bit the dust.  More or less.  It sputters to life for a few minutes at a time… long enough to get my hopes up that it’s just been kidding… before blinking out again.

It’s been frustrating to say the least.  I’m exhausted dealing with the Dell people from the US and the UK to resolve the problem.  Luckily, someone finally seems to have stepped up to rectify the situation.  My fingers are crossed, as well as my toes.

You can read more about my own (not-so) private crisis here.  Luckily, at least for the next couple of days, a friend of mine is off to Dublin for a few days and has loaned me a computer to use, so I’m sure I’ll be putting up some new posts while I await the fate of my little laptop.



2 comments on “a long… weary… howl….

  1. Jeremy says:

    Good luck Derek,
    My computer has been a bit on the slow side lately and i am terrified it is going to decide to crash. Hope you get yours situated.

  2. derek says:

    It’s been over a month now. The computer has still not been replaced (I’m still using the loaner) but there is someone within Dell who is making things happen in replacing the system. It sounds like I may get the new one by the end of the week.


    I’ll truly believe it and relax when the new one is on my lap running fine. Hope your computer doesn’t crap out before you’re able to replace it.

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