rex reed plunges into a charlie kaufman “cesspool”

New York Observer film critic Rex Reed, whose overwrought verbiage and sloppy analysis makes Armond White seem lucid and well… sane, tells us all what he thinks of Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut Synecdoche, New York.

Considering his loathing of Kaufman, Spike Jonze, Wes Anderson, et al, I’m sure he’ll love my book about said filmmakers.

You can be assaulted by Reed’s review here.  Be warned, though, to wear protective goggles.


4 comments on “rex reed plunges into a charlie kaufman “cesspool”

  1. Tram says:

    Rex Reed has, in the past, referred to Kaufman, Jonze, the two Andersons, et al. as “The Anarchists”. My problem with Reed is that he admonishes these filmmakers, simply because they undermine classical Hollywood conventions. It’s knee-jerk reactionary, at best.

  2. derek says:

    You’re exactly right, Tram. It’s a completely reactionary position, presupposing that the manner of Kaufman’s storytelling is inherently wrong because it doesn’t follow traditional narrative patterns or isn’t strictly “naturalistic.” Because Kaufman chooses to interject into his stories fantastical tropes, surrealism, what have you, that makes him somehow pretentious? Others have mentioned this already, but Reed’s “review” of Kaufman’s film couldn’t help but remind me of his scathing, racist comments regarding OLDBOY. I’m surprised an editor would let a review like the SYNECDOCHE one make it to print. And in a time when so many daily/hard copy film critics have been losing their jobs, why Reed has managed to hold on is a mystery.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Hey Derek,
    You should send him an autographed copy of your book, which is amazing by the way, just to make his obviously insane brain finally explode. I seriously can’t believe this was published…poorly written, mean spirited and so out of touch that it would be sad if he wasn’t such a prick about it.

  4. drbristol says:

    I thought Rex Reed died years ago. Guess I was right!

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