intermission at the phantom empire

Who can resist a Popeye the Sailor cartoon?  Not me.  And I suspect… not you either.  This is the first of three Popeye Technicolor shorts that the legendary Fleischer brothers made.  This is the fantastic Popeye the Sailor Meets Sinbad the Sailor.  It was a favorite of mine as a child.  I always thought it was in black and white, though.  Maybe that’s because we only owned a black and white television set.  Oh, well.  Looked great sans color.  This was released in 1936 and was nominated for an Academy Award.  Enjoy.


2 comments on “intermission at the phantom empire

  1. Wonderful stuff, Derek. It was spooky reading your comment about the Popeye Sinbad, because it pretty much mirrors my experience of it—favorite childhood images, thought it was black & white (probably because of the B&W set, etc.) The image of the giant bird (the Rok?) flying and filling up the sky over the terribly tiny figures is pretty much etched in my brain. Thanks for celebrating this.

    • derek says:

      I was really confused when I saw this Popeye video because I immediately thought it had been colorized! Ah, yes, how many of my television/movie memories are embedded in my head in their black and white versions because of that damn little TV set we owned.

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