in search of moebius…

The legendary comics illustrator Jean “Moebius” Giraud died this weekend.  His influence on the world of pop culture can’t be overstated.  Even if you’ve never seen any of his artwork in Métal Hurlant magazine (Heavy Metal in the States) or anywhere else, you’ve probably seen his graphic design work in such as films as Alien (the spacesuits worn by the crew of the Nostromo), Tron (concept artist), The Abyss (concept artist), and The Fifth Element (designer).  Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (my favorite science fiction film) is heavily indebted to Moebius as well: the crazily busy cityscape was inspired by the one from the classic story “The Long Tomorrow,” a collaboration between Moebius and American screenwriter Dan O’Bannon (who would later write Alien).

There’s a great little documentary about Moebius from a few years back, Moebius Redux: A Life in Pictures aka In Search of Moebius, that aired on the BBC and that I’ve included below.  Great stuff for anyone with even a passing interest in this stuff.


kubrick advert on more4

Starting on July 15th and running through the 25th, Britain’s More4 channel is going to be celebrating the films of the great Stanley Kubrick.  Along with Francis Ford Coppola, Kubrick was the first director I fell in love with as an eleven-year old boy, sort of the first person who I understood to actually be a filmmaker and what it meant to be.

Here’s the wonderful ad promoting the film series, an hommage to The Shining, and also to Kubrick’s daughter Vivian’s short documentary Making The Shining.  Good thing Channel 4 didn’t try to reenact Kubrick berating actress Shelly Duvall.